Hydrologic Modeling and GRASS

Craig Miller cmiller at pnwg.wa.com
Tue Apr 13 02:38:37 EDT 1993

In article <9304121446.AA10021 at quercus.ecn.uoknor.edu> vieux at quercus.ecn.uoknor.edu writes:
> Greetings GRASS User community!
> This is an informal survey of people using GRASS in some way to model hydrologicprocesses.  If you are using GRASS in this way please respond to the following
> questions.  
> 1. What model are you using with GRASS?
> 2. Which data structure is more suited to the process, Vector or Raster?
> 3. What tools need to be developed in order to make GRASS more useable for 
> 	hydrologic modeling?
> Thank you for your time. 
> Baxter Vieux
> Environmental Modeling and GIS Lab.
> School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science
> University of Oklahoma

We are going to use GRASS to do modelling at the Chelan Co SCS, but we have
not selected a model yet.  Could you forward me a compilation of responses
so that we might make a more informed selection?  Even if you just 
concatenate all the responses together I would really appreciate it.


Craig A. Miller
cmiller at pnwg.wa.com
GIS Analyst
Chelan Co. SCS

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