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Patrick Dunlavey pdunlave at
Tue Apr 13 15:11:17 EDT 1993

I inquired about MacGrass a while ago, and here is the
information that I got from CWU, which is supporting it:


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Patrick Dunlavey:
  The Mac port of GRASS 4.0 is ready and we have distributed a couple of
copies by special arrangements.  In the next month we will be
producing a CD-ROM for general distribution.
  This port requires a good, high end Mac, with a lot of disk space,
naturally, and A/UX version 3 (previous versions were seriously!!
  The price for this distribution is $995.00.  If you feel that
you need it sooner than 6 weeks, call us to see what compatible
tapes, etc., that we might get you a copy on.  (Purchasers of
Mac GRASS 4.0 will get a CD of 4.1 for about 25% of this cost,
when it is ready.)

    Phil Richens
    Extended University Programs
    Central Washington University
    Ellensburg, WA 98926-7500

  Technical questions:
    David Satnik
    GIS Lab, CWU
    FAX  963-1047
    satnikdb at cwu.bitnet

Thanks for your inquiry:
  Jim Hinthorne
  Director, GIS Lab, CWI
  Director, GIS Lab, CWU


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59 Saulnier Drive                       (413) 458-9836
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