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>Date: Wed, 14 Apr 93 13:23:54 PDT
>From: lewis!teresa at (Teresa Hansen)
>Does anyone know of a conversion program within 
>GRASS, or anywhere else, that will convert State 
>Plane Coordinates to UTM coordinates ????  The area 
>in question is in Washington State.  Any help is 
>much appreciated.
>Teresa Hansen
>Fort Lewis, Washington.

You can use Unix or DOS proj (rel 4 from

A few notes.

Washington has two zones: 4601 for the northern half and
	4601 for the southern half.  Dividing line usually on a county line.
	I have a list of counties and zones.

Which datum is being used: NAD27 or NAD83.

Washington is convered by two UTM zones: 10 for 126W-120W and
	11 for 120W-114W

For data from the NW part of the state the following is an example
assuming input data in NAD27 SPCS coordinates:

proj -I +init=nad27:4601 -o <<EOF | proj -i +proj=utm +zone=10 +ellps=clrk66
496806.20       67808.27        somewhere in Seattle
488309.43       197730.10       somewhere in Bellingham

The results should look like:

550115.00       5271839.98
537967.66       5401427.49

If using NAD83, change +init=nad83:4601 and +ellps=GRS80.  DO NOT mix
	datum ellipsoids.

If there are any further questions, please contact me.

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