moving raster maps across UTM zone boundaries

Patrick Dunlavey pdunlave at
Fri Apr 16 09:51:11 EDT 1993

Jerry Evenden writes:

I am putting this response to the mail-group as a whole, because I
feel that too often people get trapped into using projection systems
without a fair analysis of the needs of their application.  A lot of
times UTM is chosen just because the user has heard of it or
a friend used it.  A lot of grief results and often the UTM gets
bent well beyond its defined limits.

Flames, comments or questions welcome.

I couldn't agree more!  UTM too often gets used as the "native" coordinate
system in GIS's, probably because USGS DEM's set the digital standard way
back when we all had 9-track tape drives.  The only logical "native"
coordinate system for GIS is lat/long.  Everything else is a projection
(said dripping with disdain and contempt).

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