RIM and using grass from cron to Jim Hinthorne

John Del Ferro johnd at nap61.nap.usace.army.mil
Fri Apr 16 19:43:56 EDT 1993

Jim Hinthorne,
Our mail name server is screwed up..anyway I can't get mail
directly to you without an IP ADDRESS, so I'm sticking this message
back on the grassu. Send me your IP address if you can.
I really appreciate the tips you've passed on to me. I've been
at it about 2 weeks now, and I'm flying blind, but not doing to bad.
The CDC people do not distribute RIM with grass. I guess I could push them for
it, but .....
Took your tips..downloaded all the source from moon and actually
got all of rim compiled! it all works except for the "help" options.
Not a real problem.
I will attempt next week to compile the grass interface .db.rim programs,
they will probably be tricker...but..should work.
Running from cron...I think that's where the changes need to be made.
A pretty thorough and careful pruning of the GIS.sh should get it
working.  I'll be lloking into that next week.
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