GRASS on Linux

Kuo-Chen Chang harry at
Tue Apr 20 07:36:49 EDT 1993

Howdy, H.J.:

Yes, I have been using GRASS on Linux since 4.0.  You need to hack the
source code a little bit. But no big deal.

I can not tell you what hardware to use.  Of course, the fast the better.
Since you have to run GRASS under X WIndow, the amount of available RAM is
very important.  Here is my system configuration:
	20 MB RAM w/256 KB cache RAM
	340 MB IDE HD (C)
	210 MB IDE HD (D)

Good luck!


BTW, how's weather back home?  
> Is there any one know :
> How to setup GRASS 4.0 on Linux ?
> If you can run GRASS on Linux, please tell me what hardware be use well
>    ( about brand of computer, monitor, display card , SCSI card ..etc.)
> Please send me a message ! Thanks !
> H.J.  1993,4,20

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