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flemming at flemming at
Wed Apr 21 06:23:54 EDT 1993

Dear GRASS users,
In my current research thises I'm working on a project using GRASS and RDBMS
like INFORMIX Online. 
The GRASS Version 4.1beta will only run under a sun-system but I need the 
interface of RIM-DBMS of the new 4.1 release for a DEC5000.
Because I need the interface as soon as possible thats why I want to 
compile the new RIM and the interface without the other ! Does anybody
knows how to do that ? It is possible ?
Also I am looking for a manual for the RIM-DBMS interface of the 4.1 release.
Is there a postscript file on moon !?
If anybody have some experiences on RIM-DBMS interfaces for any RDBMS systems
I would be happy to get any informations about.
Thanks in advance
Lars Flemming
Student of Computing Science
Technical University of Dresden

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