Roger Slothower sloth at chinook.cit.cornell.edu
Thu Apr 22 10:45:31 EDT 1993

GRASS folks
I would appreciate any help on finding commands or sequences 
of commands to do the following:
1) "Flood" lowlands with water released from highlands.  I would
like 'pits' to fill and overflow. 
2) "Stats as single values".  I would like to get a summary 
statistic returned for a map as a simple value that could be
piped or redirected.  I would think that some command would have
an option to return single, simple values such as minimum, 
maximum, average for the entire map.  

Thanks now for your thoughts and ideas.  

Roger Slothower  
Department of Natural Resources        sloth at chinook.cit.cornell.edu
Cornell University                     Office: (607) 255-9423
Ithaca, New York 14853                 FAX:    (607) 255-0349 

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