Wnated: Models+GIS interface; will summary

H. J. Hong hjhong at ev004.ev.nctu.edu.tw
Sat Apr 24 08:03:23 EDT 1993

We are doing researches for incorporating mathematical models into
a GIS systems.  The models include groudwater (MOC, MOCFlow), waste
site evaluation (HELP, MultiMed), nonpoint source (HSPF, 
AGNPS, ANSWERS, CREAM), water quality (QUAL2E, Wasp4, WQRRS), air
pollution (ISC).

We now have the following GIS systems: PC/ARC/INFO, PC/ERDAS, PC/IDRISI,
and Grass4.0.  

If you have any experience for linking any related mathematical models 
with any GIS systems and are willing to share your interface/experience
with us, please send me a message.  I will summary.

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