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Liz Wegenka lwegenka at
Mon Apr 26 14:03:50 EDT 1993

Hi Steve,

You might want to try the USGS ESIC offic in Menlo Park, CA. Much
closer to home in Monterey.  You can phone, fax, or drop in.

Phone # (415) 329-4398  (Ron Fair)
FAX   # (415) 329-5130

Address:  345 Middelfield Road, Menlo Park, CA  94025

We out here in CA can advise you more directly than Rolla, although,
I'm sure Rolla can give you plenty of info. too. 

In future if you want to contact someone here in Menlo Park regarding
general GIS questions, or GRASS questions, contact

Liz Wegenka   lwegenka at


Mara Tongue  mtongue at

we both work in the USGS, Western Mapping Center GIS Research Lab and
will be happy to help if we can.

Let us here from you sometime

Liz Wegenka
phone # (415) 329-4365
fax   # (415) 329-0496

USGS, National Mapping Division, Western Mapping Center.

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