LL coordinate system

Gerald I. Evenden gie at charon.er.usgs.gov
Tue Apr 27 12:51:33 EDT 1993

>Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1993 10:36:15 UTC+0200
>From: "(Usuario de GRASS 4)" <grass4 at tilo.datsi.fi.upm.es>
>Subject: LL coordinate system
>I want to convert a scanned map (x,y coordinate system) into latitud/longitude
> coordinate system. With the i.points (i.rectify,...) command I can convert 
>my map into the UTM coordinate system or the State Plane coordinate system 
>but not into latitud/longitude coordinate system.
>Does anyone know how I could do this?.
>Thanks in advance.
>Anabel Donadios

Since there does not seem to be an answer from the GRASS gurus, I will
dare to jump in with a non-GRASS answer.

Yes, is is possible, but only if you are willing to do a little
programming.  I will also place a caviate caviate that you must, among
your x-y coordinates,  have points where you know either the lat/lon or
the cartesian system you want to convert to.  Using these points, you
can determine (in a least squares sense) bivariate polynomials which
will "correct" your values to the distination system.

An expanded explanation can be found in a PostScript file pub/OF91-17.ps.Z
on  charon.er.usgs.gov's ( FTP/anon.

If you have further questions, please email me direct.

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