Julia Porter julia at mqmet.cic.mq.edu.au
Wed Apr 28 19:27:03 EDT 1993

> 	Wasn't too happy with the GRASS4.1 changes to d.labels .
> My version will not allow a change to any text, size or whatever after
> it is once placed on the map.  
> 	Has anyone else seen this problem.
> Doug Bradley
> UNM-CPSU National Park Service
> Albuquerque
     Once you have created your labels with d.labels you can edit them 
 using p.labels.  You can change text, size etc.  Once you have them looking
as you want them you can call them up and immediately add them to your map
using d.paint.labels.  A word of advice here though is that d.paint.labels
automatically makes the width of the text =1 no matter what you decided would
be nice.

Hope this is useful.


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