Hydrologic Modeling and GRASS

Natalia Maria Santos [Ambiente] nms at terra.fct.unl.pt
Wed Apr 28 05:42:30 EDT 1993

In replay to your survey of peopleo using Grass in model hydrologic process.

1. What model are you using with GRASS?

ANSWERS (Areal Nonpoint Source Watershed Environmental Response) e AGNPS
(Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution).

2. Which data structure is more suited to the process, Vector or Raster?

Both models are distributed model, which divides the watershed area in an
equal-grid area, like a raster format in GIS.

3. What tools need to be developed in order to make GRASS more useable for 
	hydrologic modeling?

Both the models use the grass programs to provide interface for the preparation
of the inputs of the models, and to process the outputs.

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