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Doug Hersh dhersh at
Wed Apr 28 15:16:13 EDT 1993

	I have some files in dig format which are simply maps with several
polygons within a circle.  Each polygon has an attribute in a dig_att
file under the same name as the dig map.  These attributes are integer codes
for a vegetation mix.  I would like to rasterize these maps so that the
attributes become the category value in the raster map.  Then I want to
reclassify the categories based on values in a lookup table. 
	I thought that when running I would end up with a raster
map with the categories taken from my attribute file, but the cat file
looks like this:
GRASS 4.0 > more 3c1981.0
# 373 categories

0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
0:no data

	Can anyone outline the steps I need to take to get a raster file
with the correct category values.  I have no labels for the categories
because the categories themselves are numerically important.


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