Bulk Label Lines from the command line

Virginia Jackson jackson at era.com
Mon Aug 2 16:20:08 EDT 1993

Does anybody know of a way to bulk label all of the "lines" in a file from the 
command line?  My files contain "areas" or "lines", exclusively, and all of the 
"areas" or "lines" in each file have the same attribute.

I am currently using the "Bulk Remaining Lines" command in v.digit, but I see 
plenty of room for error on my part.  I would prefer a non-interactive command
so that I can automate the labelling process.

I labeled my "area" files using the v.alabel command in a shell script.  All of
the "areas" were labeled with unique attributes within minutes.  I would like to
do the same for my "line" files.

Somebody... please help.

Virginia Jackson
Engineering Research Associates
jackson at era.com

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