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Yesterday I posted a request for information about where IPW lives. I fond
that it lives in several places, the most noteable for the GRASS community
is specified in the message I have forwarded at the end of this message.

Thanks to all who replied, I hope this helps others on the list.
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We have it here at Corvallis, in a form that is distributable.  It exists on
anonymous ftp at cerberus.epa.orst.edu in the directory pub/misc/ipw under ftp.
There are "readme" files, and it should be self explanitory

We have done significant development in IPW, and have been> distributing our
version upon request;  During the last few months, we have been working with
the folks at UCSB to evaluate how to merge our additions, including such things
as "autoconfig", better documentation, etc. with what they have at UCSB, and a
few other places.  We are working on that, and hope to have an integrated version
out by the end of summer.  The result of that is, what ever version of IPW you
get now may be different (hopefully more complete, and better) in a month or so.

Call me and we can discuss you applications and interests, and I can give you the
details on installation (we have done extensive work to get it running on a

Danny Marks
EPA Environmental Research Lab
Corvallis, Oregon
danny at crystal.cor2.epa.gov

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