Projections in GRASS

Thaddeus Bara tbara at
Thu Aug 5 09:11:04 EDT 1993

As I have been doing a preliminary review of GRASS functionality, I have become
somewhat concerned about what appears to be a limited capability of handling
projections.  The answer to this question may appear in the GRASS manual, but as
our office is still waiting for them, I wanted to ask if my perceptions are
1) Is there an analog to v.proj for raster files?  ie., can I reproject
a raster from one coordinate system to another (excluding the ability to go 
from UTM to LL or vice versa)?  
2) The projections directory indicates only a
handful of projections - are these all that GRASS supports?  We have a need to
work with Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area, which is not included in the directory.
3) As a typical example, we would have data on a regional scale in lat/lon, 
which we would want to re-project to Lambert Azi EA.  The data would include
both raster and site files.  We could run site coordinates through GCTP to
generate coordinates in new system.  But can we do what we would like for both
types of files within GRASS framework?

Thank you for any responses to these questions.

Thaddeus J. Bara
Research Scientist
NOAA/National Climate Data Center
Asheville, NC
tbara at

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