Problem w/ v.out.ascii or v.digit

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Thu Aug 5 20:03:56 EDT 1993

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> Subject: Problem w/ v.out.ascii or v.digit
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>      I am having a problem either with v.out.ascii or v.digit. Using v.digit, 
> I edited a vector file (TIGER roads) to remove most of the lines contained in 
> it. The altered file is correctly displayed by d.vect and seems 
> to recognize the reduction in lines, but v.out.ascii produces a dig_ascii 
> file with all of the lines from the original file. No dig_att file is produced. 
> What is the problem here?
> Ray Drapek
> Oregon State University
> drapekr at

The v.out.ascii format "shows" all lines and area edges whether or not
they have been deleted.  "L" means that the line still is active, "l"
means that the line has been deleted.  Similarly, "A" is an active
area edge and "a" is a deleted area edge.  If you import the dig_ascii
file back into GRASS those lines should not appear.  If you really want
to get rid of them, run v.clean on the vector file before exporting.

The atts remain in the dig_att/ directory.  If you have run v.out.ascii
with the same input and output names <<I believe>> they "share" the
dig_att file.  But that's just a guess.

Sue Huse
UC Berkeley

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