Problem w/ v.out.ascii or v.digit

Bonnie Weller weller at
Fri Aug 6 11:19:30 EDT 1993

In info.grass.user you write:

>     I am having a problem either with v.out.ascii or v.digit. Using v.digit, 
>I edited a vector file (TIGER roads) to remove most of the lines contained in 
>it. The altered file is correctly displayed by d.vect and seems 
>to recognize the reduction in lines, but v.out.ascii produces a dig_ascii 
>file with all of the lines from the original file. No dig_att file is produced. 
>What is the problem here?

GO into GRASS and do a g.manual on the command 'v.clean'.  I believe
your answer is there.   You can run v.clean on the original file or
write a script on the dig_ascii file to remove all the lines that
begin with a small 'l' for linear areas, or a small 'a' for areal
areas.  (Do a more on one of the files to see what I mean) I
recommend the former approach.

Gee I wish my problems with GRASS were as easily solved......


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