Sun Compilation warning messages

H. J. Hong hjhong at
Fri Aug 6 11:25:43 EDT 1993

'Undefined _MAX for xgrass on SunOS4.1.1'

I got an 'Undefined sysmbol' error when I compiled xgrass on SunOS4.1.1.
under grass4.1/source/src/xgrass/menu.  I tries to 'grep _MAX' or 'grep MAX'
over all souce codes under xgrass/menu and all possible include files, but
nothing was found meaningful to me.  Please help. 

cc -o /usr/local/grass4.1/source/etc/xgrass4.1.exe -s   OBJ.sun/main.o  OBJ.sun/callbacks.o  OBJ.sun/client.o  OBJ.sun/create.o  OBJ.sun/error.o  OBJ.sun/exec.o  OBJ.sun/exit.o  OBJ.sun/history.o  OBJ.sun/link.o  OBJ.sun/xgdbset.o  OBJ.sun/parse.o  OBJ.sun/grammar.o  OBJ.sun/lex.o  OBJ.sun/strdup.o OBJ.sun/xc.main.o  OBJ.sun/xc.grammar.o  OBJ.sun/xc.lex.o  OBJ.sun/xc.error.o  OBJ.sun/xc.parse.o  OBJ.sun/xc.client.o  OBJ.sun/xc.modify.o  OBJ.sun/xc.verify.o  OBJ.sun/  OBJ.sun/xc.assign.o  OBJ.sun/xc.exit.o  OBJ.sun/xc.comstr.o  OBJ.sun/xc.require.o  OBJ.sun/xc.create.o /usr/local/grass4.1/source/src/xgrass/libes/LIB.sun/libXgi.a /usr/local/grass4.1/source/src/xgrass/libes/LIB.sun/libXgd.a /usr/local/grass4.1/source/src/libes/LIB.sun/libgis.a -L/usr/local/X11R5/lib -lXm -L/usr/local/X11R5/lib  -lXt -L/usr/local/X11R5/lib -lX11  -lm -ll
ld: Undefined symbol 
*** Error code 2
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `/usr/local/grass4.1/source/etc/xgrass4.1.exe'
GISGEN failure at STEP: src/xgrass/menu

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