HELP -- loading DTED from cdrom

Virginia Jackson jackson at
Tue Aug 17 08:31:55 EDT 1993

Hello Grass Users!

I need your help once again.  I now have Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED)
on a cdrom.  I have been looking at the m.dted.examine and m.dted.extract
programs; but these programs expect "DTED data containing pre-1987 headers" on
half-inch magnetic tape.

How do I load the data that is on my 1991 cdrom?  

By the way, I have level 1 coverage and I am not sure what this means.  What is
level 1 coverage and how does it differ from level 2 coverage?

Somebody please help and thank you in advance for your time.

Virginia Jackson
Engineering Research Associates
jackson at

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