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Subject: multiuser GRASS?
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I recall some discussion last fall about whether GRASS can be 
used safely by more than one user at once, via Xterminals.  One
limitation discussed then was the problem of sharing xmonitors. 
But I think there were other concerns, about database integrity, 
etc.  Now that v4.1 is happily in place, I ask the question again:

  In principle, can GRASS be used as a multiuser X client?
  In practice, what precautions / changes must I take / make?
I'd be interested in any and all experiences people have had with
having more than one person use GRASS simultaneously on a single
computer.  And I'd really like to hear what the programmers have
to say about whether GRASS is or isn't designed to be a multiuser


  Tim Martin                     *    Canada, yes.  Mexico, yes.
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