r.le programs and G_calloc out of memory

BAKERWL BAKERWL at corral.uwyo.edu
Thu Aug 19 13:43:18 EDT 1993

The r.le programs are a set of programs for calculating traditional measures
used in landscape ecology (e.g., fractal dimension, patch shape, etc.).  You
can obtain Version 2.05 Beta from the GRASS ftp server in the incoming
subdirectory.  Download file rle205src.tar.z for the source code or
rle205exe.tar.Z for SunOS 4.1.3 executables.  Documentation is also in both
of these files.

If you obtain a message such as G_calloc out of memory when running r.le.patch
or r.le.dist with Version 2.05 it means that your map has too many patches to
be analyzed given the amount of memory you have on your machine.  I might
be able to provide a work-around.  Send me a mail message directly.  If you
have the older Version 2.0, that version had a bug in the memory handling
routine that has been fixed in Version 2.05.  Install 2.05 and try the program

	Bill Baker
	bakerwl at corral.uwyo.edu
	Univ. of Wyoming

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