Jane Rossing rossing at
Sun Aug 22 21:36:11 EDT 1993

While trying to figure out everyone's helpful replies for my question about
making the "no data" area of a mask always be black, I have learned a little
about changing colortables that may be useful for relative beginners like me:

1) Try using r.colors instead of d.colors.  It's much easier, but I never knew of
its existance, assuming that d.colors was the only program for changing colors!

2) A "colr" directory appears in your mapset (at the same level as cell, dig, etc.)
only after you have run on of the color programs.  People were telling me to change
the color file, but I couldn't find it!

Where should a beginner learn things like this?  The data structure is not in the
users' manual. Does everyone have to read the programmers' manual?

Jane Rossing

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