grass:saving grids as rasters

Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Mon Aug 23 16:11:19 EDT 1993

Agustin Lobo (lobo at Jasper.Stanford.EDU ) writes on 23 Aug 93:
>How can I save a grid created with d.grid as a raster file?

perhaps you might want to use v.mkgrid and convert the output
to raster somehow.

BTW, a small note regarding v.mkgrid and rotated grids.
I submitted a modification (pre 4.1) for an optional
argument to make grids an arbitrary angles. 

Instead of working it into v.mkgrid, OGI chose to create a separate
contributed program (in src.contrib/PURDUE).  However, they failed to
change the name of the resulting binary in the Gmakefile. The end
effect is that, even if you compile this modification, because of the
way that MAKELINKS works, you may never get to use it.

There are two work-arounds:
1. edit src.contrib/PURDUE/Gmakefile and change the binary name
   to v.mkgrid.contrib; recompile and re-run MAKELINKS

2. remove the original v.mkgrid:
   rm $GISBASE/etc/bin/main/cmd/v.mkgrid
   and use the newer version.  The ONLY changes are the additional
   OPTIONAL argument used to rotate the grid and a -q flag to
   can the chatter.


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