grass: grid saved as raster. 2

Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Mon Aug 23 21:04:03 EDT 1993

Simon Cox (simon at ) writes on 24 Aug 93:
>What about option "t" in the edit menu in v.digit ?
>(Re-type a line - area/line)

either/or... I just figured that v.out.ascii then sed 's/^A /L /'
might be much quicker (I'm a keyboard type of guy - I seldom run grass
with the monitor). If I'm remembering this right, v.mkgrid (correctly)
puts a node every place that a node should be on the grid. If so, and
there's not a "Bulk Re-type," then sed would definately be quicker.

Of course, not everyone is familiar with sed. Whatever floats your


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