Darrell McCauley mccauley at ecn.purdue.edu
Mon Aug 23 21:09:56 EDT 1993

Dr. Diego Fabian Lozano Garcia (dlozano at mtecv2.mty.itesm.mx) writes on 
23 Aug 93:
[slightly edited to fit normal terminal widths]

>I am a new GRASS user, running GRASS4.0 on an IBM RS6000 workstation.
>I have many questions about running grass on this platform, but the
>most urgent one is related to an IBM digitizer Does anybody knows or
>has an IBM5084-2 digitizer connected to an RS600 machine, running
>grass.  The grass on-line help indicates that only Altek, calcomp and
>kurta digitizers are supported by USACERL.


In grass4.1, v.digit has been re-vamped so that support for
different digitizers can be added by writing a (simple?)
configuration file (without C programming), assuming that you
can dig up the documentation on your digitizer. 

I would (cautiously) suggest upgrading.


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