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Greg Koerper greg at
Tue Aug 24 16:53:29 EDT 1993

> I am attempting to load Digital Terrain Elevation Data using the m.dted.extract
> program and an error message appears on my screen very early in the game.  The 
> program aborts during the "check argument" stage.
> Using the original Grass 4.1 m.dted.examine program, I get the following:
>     GRASS 4.1 > m.dted.extract input=/cdrom/dted/w097/n31.dt1
>                 output=w097_n31.out header=w097_n31.hdr north=31.15.00N 
>                 south=31.00.00N east=097.30.00W west=097.45.00W
>     north=31.15.00N - illegal latitude
> Virginia Jackson
> jackson at
The problem here is a man description out of sync with the code.  I get the
north=31.15.00N - illegal latitude

 m.dted.extract [-fhqu] input=name output=name header=name
   [north=name] [south=name] [east=name] [west=name]

  -f   Read the entire tape in all cases
  -h   Set extraction region based on DTED header values
  -q   Run quietly
  -u   Process an unblocked file (not a tape)

   input   Name of tape drive device
  output   Name of output file
  header   Name of header output file
   north   North latitude of region to extract (format: dd:mm:ss{N|wr
   south   South latitude of region to extract (format: dd:mm:ss{N|S})
    east   ame]

This help IS broken, but look closely at the : symbols in the format.  When I
run this command with colons substituted for the periods, it attempts to
execute.  Be sure to set the current region to encompass the area for which
data is being read.


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