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Bill Brown brown at
Fri Aug 27 11:10:43 EDT 1993

Here's some recent mail from the User's List about GRASS on the Mac

Also, the GRASS information center list this organization as a 
distributor for GRASS on Macs:

Logiciels et applications Scientifiques, Inc
1570, rue Chabanel Quest
Montreal Quebec
H4N 1H4
POC: Gilles Clement - gc at
ph 514 858-1104
fax 514 389-9373

From: nsmith at (Neel Smith)
Newsgroups: info.grass.user
Subject: Re: problems running grass4.0 in  macX
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 93 20:11:20 GMT 01:00:00 +0000 (GMT)

>   Please start graphics monitor <x1>.
>   Error - Graphics monitor <x1> not running!
>   Problem selecting x1. Will try once more
>   Please start graphics monitor <x1>.
>   Error - Graphics monitor <x1> not running!
I've used MacX with GRASS 4.0 and GRASS 4.1beta, and
this is a fairly typical startup sequence ... be patient!

The problem seems to be that d.mon is looking for the
monitor to select before the monitor is ready locally.
If you bear with it, eventually, you'll get a monitor
that you can then select (d.mon select=x1), and draw in.

Neel Smith
nsmith at

Newsgroups: info.grass.user
Subject: Re: problems running grass4.0 in  macX

>I am trying to run grass 4.0 on my macIIvx using macX from sun4 on a
>sparcII work station.  I get so far as to start grass but I cannot start a
>graphic monitor.  The error messages that follow indicate a problem with a
>font in macX.
>However, rebuilding the font directory does not change the situation.
>Anyone out there with experience running grass in macX?
>GRASS 4.0 > d.mon x1
>Graphics driver [x1] started
>Graph_SetX: display doesn't know font 9x15
>Please start graphics monitor <x1>.
>Error - Graphics monitor <x1> not running!

Hi, I experienced the same problem with MacX and grass4.0 but hadn't time
to fix the problem. Maybe the following will help you:
start MacX with the following command sequence:
/usr/bin/X11/xterm -display &;
/usr/bin/X11/olwm  -display &

This will start MacX with the Color root window using the olwm - window manager
of the SUN (instead of the Mac Window Manager).

Hope that helps - Zoltan

From: pdunlave at (Patrick Dunlavey)
Newsgroups: info.grass.user
Subject: MacGrass availability

I inquired about MacGrass a while ago, and here is the
information that I got from CWU, which is supporting it:


~Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1993 10:17 PST
~Subject: Mac port of GRASS4.0
~Sender: lists-owner at
~Reply-To: grassu-list at
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Status: RO

Patrick Dunlavey:
  The Mac port of GRASS 4.0 is ready and we have distributed a couple of
copies by special arrangements.  In the next month we will be
producing a CD-ROM for general distribution.
  This port requires a good, high end Mac, with a lot of disk space,
naturally, and A/UX version 3 (previous versions were seriously!!
  The price for this distribution is $995.00.  If you feel that
you need it sooner than 6 weeks, call us to see what compatible
tapes, etc., that we might get you a copy on.  (Purchasers of
Mac GRASS 4.0 will get a CD of 4.1 for about 25% of this cost,
when it is ready.)

    Phil Richens
    Extended University Programs
    Central Washington University
    Ellensburg, WA 98926-7500

  Technical questions:
    David Satnik
    GIS Lab, CWU
    FAX  963-1047
    satnikdb at cwu.bitnet

Thanks for your inquiry:
  Jim Hinthorne
  Director, GIS Lab, CWI
  Director, GIS Lab, CWU


Pat Dunlavey                   pdunlave at
59 Saulnier Drive                       (413) 458-9836
Williamstown, MA 01267

From: camann at (mike camann)
Newsgroups: info.grass.user
Subject: Re: GRASS and MacX
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 1993 12:47:36 -0500 01:00:00 +0000 (GMT)

	Thanks for your reply regarding MacX.  You were right: DISPLAY
	needed to be set to host_name:0.2 instead of the 0.0 that I was
	accustomed to on our Sun network.  I've always wondered what
	those window designations were for....

Thanks much.


Michael Camann                          camann at
Department of Entomology                camann at
University of Georgia                   (706) 542-1388
Athens, GA 30602                        (706) 542-2276


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