p.map output

Roman Alvarez Bejar rab at capella.labvis.unam.mx
Sat Aug 28 15:40:53 EDT 1993

Hi grassussers!
I am trying to print a slope and aspect maps in a color station electrostatic plotter, I am ussing p.select and selecting a ppm drive, I choose 1:500000 scale and start the process, after that I am converting the ppm file to targa ans sentf it to the plot
ter, however the output of the plotter is just a half of the map, I mean I hope to get a square an I have a rectangle. There is an option tho change the defaults for p.mapor any other suggestions?
Thank a lot.
Roberto Bonifaz
Centro de Computo
Instituto de Geografia
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexcio
Mexico D.F.
phone: (52) (5) 622-4334
fax    (52) (5) 616-2145

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