projections and raster maps

Michael Hill mhill at
Mon Aug 30 09:57:05 EDT 1993

>I have a crude version of r.proj that works just like v.proj, if there is enough
>interest I will put it in moon.

When you say crude, what do you mean? For example will your r.proj handle 
ll to lcc, as well as the more obvious (in the case of grass) utm to ll, 
and ll to utm? If so, thankyou for the offer, and yes please to putting it 
on moon. 

I guess that is subject to any other contributions from the grass 

Mike Hill

Michael J Hill
Research Scientist
CSIRO Pastoral Research Laboratory, Armidale, NSW, Australia,2350.
E-Mail address: mhill at chiswick.anprod.csiro.

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