trouble with unscribe

Kenneth R. Brownfield brownfld at
Tue Jan 5 14:23:24 EST 1993

|   I wanted to be removed from GRASSU-LIST and sent a request to
|GRASSU-REQUESTS at MAX.CECER.MIL and got a reply which says that it
|couldn't find my bitnet address and therefore can not unscribe.
|I also tried GRASSU-REQUESTS at and got the same thing.
|I wanted to contact the manager but don't know his address.  Any

     The UNSUB command could not find your address in the subscription list.
You are currently subscribed at the following address:


which may be different than the address your mailer is sending our list 
manager software.  If you would like me to manually unsubscribe this address
for you, send mail to one of the list manager addresses below.

|   Thank you.
|st00 at siuemus
                                                brownfld at
Kenneth R. Brownfield                    grass-lists-owner at
Office of GRASS Integration,              grass-ftp-admin at
United States Army Corps of Engineers           (217) 352-6511 ext. 526
Construction Engineering Research Laboratories    (217) 373-7222 <fax>
                                                  (800) USA-CERL <OGI>

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