data dev recommendations sought for geology layer

Doug Youngs youngs at
Tue Jan 5 17:10:29 EST 1993

I'm digitizing a 1:500000 geology map which only has lat/lon coordinates
ticked off on it (best I can find).  I've enlarged the map to facillitate
digitizing.  Documentation for the map indicates that a 1:250000 quad map
was used to compile during mapping.

I'd like to digitize the map into a utm database location.  It has been
recommended that I use the program m.ll2u to capture 6 utm coordinates from
the lat/lon ticks to use as registration points (using the clark66 spheroid

Can anyone offer some constructive criticism on this procedure and recommend
what grid cell resolution (and dimension) I might use ??


D. Youngs
ASI, Las Cruces

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