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Kris Klindworth krisk at
Wed Jan 6 15:05:25 EST 1993

ront at niwot.CFNR.ColoState.EDU (Ronald E. Thomas) writes:

>	Will anyone out there with experience or knowledge of INFORMIX please
>fill me in on one or two points?  

>	Can INFORMIX accept ASCII input dumped from a DOS database,
>say dBASE III+ ?  Or better yet, will it import binary files from another
>database?  Can INFORMIX dump files into an ASCII delimited format for use
>in other databases? (Rocky is 99% DOS, only the workstations can run UNIX

Informix has nice extensions to the SQL language for loading and unloading 
ASCII delimited data.  I doubt that it will convert binary files.

>	Will someone send me the address of the developers/owners of 
>INFORMIX (it is proprietary, I believe).  Is it available on a GSA schedule?

Informix Software, Inc.
4100 Bohannon Drive
Menlo Park, CA 94025

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