Kenneth R. Brownfield brownfld at zorro.cecer.army.mil
Fri Jan 8 12:12:47 EST 1993

Cristina Isabel Seabra [Ambiente] said:
|Can anybody tell me where in ftp can I find m.eigensystem?
|I know it's under grass/grass4.0/source but which file is it?

     The files in source are segmented portions of the _entire_ GRASS v4.0
release.  If you receive the entire release this way, you will receive all
files that are part of the release, including src.contrib/CERL/m.eigensystem.
     If you just need m.eigensystem, send me email and we'll make arrangements.
|Cristina Seabra
|cis at fct.unl.pt
                                                brownfld at cecer.army.mil
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