flipped region

mary l. daum daum at bnlux1.bnl.gov
Mon Jan 25 11:56:01 EST 1993

To global-scale GRASS users, a question:

I want to define a region in the western Pacific Ocean.  The western
boundary runs through Indonesia (about 110 deg. E); the eastern
boundary just captures Hawaii (about 160 deg. W).  When I define
a new mapset with these boundaries, GRASS is happy to accept them,
but when the map is displayed, Hawaii is lurking in the upper LEFT
corner and Indonesia, the Philippines (etc) are crowded into the
RIGHT side of the map, with a big blank area in between.  If it
matters, the map is vector lat/long, imported by v.in.arc.

Any good ideas out there about how to get Hawaii in the east and
the Asian islands in the west? 
                                 Thanks -- Mary

Mary Daum
Brookhaven National Laboratory
daum at bnlux1.bnl.gov

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