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Subject: Installing GRASS - Problems
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Date: Thu, 25 Jan 93 10:10:51 GMT 01:00:00 +0000 (GMT)
Organization: University of Liverpool
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Hi, I require some help installing GRASS 4.0 on a UNIX based SUN system at
Liverpool University.

The version of SunOS used is:  4.1.2_DBE1.2
Installing GRASS for use on Sun Sparc IPX workstations.

I have installed GRASS but I have a number of problems with the display.
These problems are:

1)   When screen similar to the start-up screen of GRASS are exited the
     display is left scrolling diagonally.  I have discovered this is due
     to the lack of a carriage return, <CR>, character at the end of the

2)   When G.HELP is exited the terminal does not echo characters back to
     the display and in extreme cases stops input via the keyboard.

I suspect both of these problems are concerned with the terminal configuration
of Sun Sparc IPX workstations here at Liverpool.

I would appreciate any help with these problems.

Yours in hope

Bill Jones

Department of Computing Services
The University of Liverpool
P.O. Box 147

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