Getting GRASS

Anthony Ayers ayers at
Thu Jan 28 11:42:30 EST 1993

I am managing GIS activities related to the Colorado Plateau for the NPS, and
am interested in your cave management software.  We have a Plateau cave
management advisory group.

I would be willing to run off a copy of GRASS for you if you will send a tape.
There is already a GRASS cd available for $25 from:

	Young Minds, Inc.
	1910 Orange Tree Lane
	Suite 300
	Redlands, CA 92374
	Ph:  714-335-1350
	Fax: 714-798-0488

The Young Minds CD will put you in business immediately, but there have been
numerous fixes applied to GRASS since release of the CD last year, and you will
need a more current copy to obtain these.

Tony Ayers, GIS Coordinator	ayers at
National Park Service		Ph:  602-556-7462
Cooperative Park Studies Unit	Fax: 602-523-9499
Northern Arizona University
Box 5614
Flagstaff, AZ 86011

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