Ferdinando Villa villa at
Sun Jan 31 05:33:14 EST 1993

Hello. I am an almost satisfied user of GRASS under Interactive Unix

I did not notice the X driver problem which has been discussed in the
recent posting. d.display works as it should and there is no problem
with window resizing. I did, instead, experience some crashes in working
with vector files - but so far nothing so serious to inhibit working.

I compiled everything, with minor changes to the source, with gcc and
the pre-XFree86 (X386) public port of X11R5. I still use the 4.0 original
X driver. So I suspect the problem with X lies with the X11R4 original
distribution or the compiler distributed with the Workstation Developer
package - which I bought and threw away in all parts except the kernel,
TCP/IP and some libs. Public domain development software showed much more
reliable to me. This should spur someone to think, especially considering
the frightening price of the package in Italy (more than $6500, I believe).

Sincerely, Ferdinando
Ferdinando Villa, dr.

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