zoom in/out?

Todd E. Crane tecrane at geog.buffalo.edu
Tue Jun 1 11:13:18 EDT 1993


we are building an interface (with some menus) so that non-grass-oriented
people can perform certain tasks, like selecting layers of information
to display, panning/zooming, etc.  

To zoom, we could just use the d.zoom command, but it only seems to 
allow us to "zoom-in-by-center".  a more complete zooming function
can be found in v.digit (the Z option). Here, the mouse becomes
the input device, and the user is allowed to zoom in and out by
selecting a new window.  Is it possible to just *lift* that 
part of the code out of v.digit, or ....

we're open to any suggestions!

thanks in advance,

todd crane

(responses can be sent directly to me at tecrane at geog.buffalo.edu)

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