Dumb Terminals and SUN's

Kenneth R Brownfield brownfld at zorro.cecer.army.mil
Thu Jun 3 15:42:20 EDT 1993

|Has anyone successfully tied a dumb terminal (VT100) into a SUN in a
|manner similiar to many Image Processing Packages?  This would provide
|a vt100 terminal for keyboard entries and leave the entire SUN display
|available for graphics pane(s).

     This is the way I was "brought up" on GRASS.  The GIS Lab here at the
University of Illinois teaches GRASS classes using dumb terminals for GRASS
commands, and the entire Sun graphics monitor as a display.  It works very
well, although most dumb (and therefore old) terminal keyboards are terribly
     Just start up X/Openwindows/Motif on the Sun with no other applications
running, log in using the dumb terminal, and use the d.mon etc. commands as

|Thanks, Craig Anderson
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