bug in r.in.sunrast?

Simon Cox simon at cerberus.earth.monash.edu.au
Tue Jun 8 21:30:57 EDT 1993

Sorry folks - me again.

I just successfully imported a whole swag of rasters using r.in.sunrast,
*except* for one, which has an odd # columns.  the raster is now "sheared" -

Reading Sun's rasterfile definition, it requires that lines are padded out
to an even # of bytes.  It looks like grass has taken that extra byte and
has used it as part of the data instead of discarding it.  Has anyone else
found this problem?

I am using grass4.0 still.

I can get around it as I wrote the rasterfile generator myself, but I could use
any other alternatives.  (I can also, with a bit more effort, get the same
program to rotate my images (see last posting) but would rather not.)


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