bug in r.in.sunrast?

Darrell McCauley mccauley at ecn.purdue.edu
Tue Jun 8 10:18:11 EDT 1993

Ronald Wiemer (ronald at archis.nl) writes on 08 Jun 93:
>I ran into the same problem last week. I temporarily solved the problem by
>modifying the source-code of r.in.sunrast, in a sence that it only
>works with an odd number of bytes in one row. When I have an even number,
>I will have to modify the code again. Maybe in grass4.1 the bug is solved.

one way of overcoming this problem is with pbmplus:
1. create a ppm file with an even number of rows (ppmmake)
2. convert your raster to ppm
3. paste the smaller into the larger (pnmpaste)
4. convert the result back to sun raster

perhaps some energetic programmer could borrow some
of the pbmplus stuff and rewrite r.in.sunrast... any takers?


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