rotating rasterfiles?

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Tue Jun 8 10:12:58 EDT 1993

>Date: Tue, 8 Jun 93 20:13:25 EST
>From: cerl!!simon (Simon Cox)
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>I have some rasterfiles (imagery, sort of) which I am importing.
>Unfortunately, some of these are rotated 90o.  Can I rotate
>these, within grass, prior to rectification, or should I
>let i.rectify handle it?  WIll it choke?
>I cannot use m.rot90 as the files are already imported as grass raster layers.
>Simon COx                 simon at

I believe that if you decompress your grass raster files, you can use
m.rot90 to rotate them.  m.rot90 does not recognize them as grass files
so you need to provide the complete path name to the cell directory in
your mapset for both the input and output files.  Also you will need to 
rebuild the cellhd following the rotation and cp (or mv) to the new 
rotated name any other support files you already have (colr, cell_misc, etc).

Hope this helps.

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