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Tue Jun 8 15:37:29 EDT 1993

The following was posted on the GIS-L list:

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is evaluating user needs and proirities for
base cartographic content and geometric accuracy.  Included in this evaluation
is a review of the content specifications of the Digital Line Graph (DLG).

If you are a DLG user, or are familiar with USGS digital products, we would be
interested in your responses to the following:

1.  What do you like, dislike, or would like to change about the content of the
    DLG product?

2.  In terms of further digital product content development:

    a.  On what features and attributes should the USGS spend resources to
        revise or add content?

    b.  On what features and attributes should the USGS NOT spend its

Your responses will be included in decisions concerning the future development
of DLGs and other USGS digital products.

Please respond within 3 weeks of receipt of this message via

      Internet - burban at

      Bitnet   - burban at usgsresv

      or fax to Brigitta Urban-Mathieux in Reston, Virginia, USA, on

Thank you.

Pat McClanahan		Internet:mcclanah at
EROS Data Center 		 mcclanah at
Sioux Falls, SD

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