binary distribution of GRASS on Linux

Andreas Holz (CIP guests) asholz at
Mon Jun 21 12:58:55 EDT 1993

Hello GRASSworld, hello Linuxer,

	- as I remember, GRASS follows the GNU-Licence?
	- am I allowed to put a binary distribution on our local ftp-server?

	If I will be allowed to redistribute the GRASS binaries on Linux,
	I will put them on next week.

	They will be compiled with:

		Kernel 99PL10

		so if you want them, upgrade your Linux now!

	Space requirements:

		binaries ~ 60Mb
		sample databases ~ 50Mb			

So long

Dipl. Geol. Andreas Holz    email: asholz at
Institut fuer Geologie und Mineralogie
Schlossgarten 5
W-8520 Erlangen

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