Sites `n' Stuff

Don Catanzaro dgc at
Mon Jun 21 21:17:48 EDT 1993


	I've been using site files and GRASS for awhile and I've run into a 
couple of questions and comments.  The first is that I'm not to sure how
g.region sites=name works.  According to the manual, it will 

> Set the current region to the smallest region encompassing all coordinates
> in the named site_lists file, aligned with the current region.

The part I'm fuzzy on is the aligned part.  It seems as if the final region that
you get when you run this program changes as your current region changes.  Any
suggestions ?

	The second question/comment I have is that I wish to see how my sites
overlay onto different raster maps, ie what categories are the same coordinates.
Is the only way to do this to convert my site_lists to a raster map or am I
missing something ?  I could run d.what.rast (or vect) and click on each site
but I have over 900 sites and that would be slightly tedious, is there a quick
and dirty way to over come this problem ?

	Thanks for any help...
				Don Catanzaro
				dgc at
				Dept. of Biological Sciences
				University of Arkansas
				Fayetteville, AR  72701

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