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mcclanah at dlgeo.cr.usgs.gov mcclanah at dlgeo.cr.usgs.gov
Fri Jun 25 09:49:35 EDT 1993

m0o97l0-0002XaC at ipf1.bau-verm.uni-karlsruhe.de states:
>	Get Linux ... it's free, include X11R5, development system .. tcp/ip,
>	nfs ... and more. Even Grass 4.1 has already been ported.

Linux is available on the net or from Yggdrasil Computing at 
yggdrasil at netcom.com or P.O. Box 8414, Berkeley CA 94707-8418,(510) 526-7531.
It costs $60 dollars and you get all the stuff mentioned above.  You would
need to get Motif to compile GRASS or perhaps talk the folks that did
the Linux port to give you the binaries.  Motif for Linux is
available from 2 companies and runs about $150.

Good luck,
 Pat McClanahan		Internet:mcclanah at dlgeo.cr.usgs.gov
EROS Data Center 		 mcclanah at edcserver1.cr.usgs.gov
Sioux Falls, SD

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