r.in.elas, r.out.elas, v.circle on ftp site

Steve March march at hal.cs.uiuc.edu
Mon Jun 28 13:55:14 EDT 1993

As the subject line says, r.in.elas, r.out.elas, v.circle are now in
the incoming directory on CERL's anonymous ftp site,
moon.cecer.army.mil.  They were contributed by NPS.

r.in.elas - Copies and converts an ELAS raster file to a GRASS cell file.

r.out.elas - Copies and convers a GRASS cell file to an ELAS rater file.

v.circle - Creates one or more "polygon" circles in a binary vector
file.  These circles are created using each point from an existing
"site_lists" file as the centers for those circles.  There is one
circle created per "site_lists" point.


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