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Michael Shapiro shapiro at
Wed Jun 30 13:03:31 EDT 1993

In info.grass.user you write:

>I have completed work on an in-depth script that facilitates the entry of
>metadata, and am seeking interested user's to test it out.  The metadata 
>standards it uses are based on the suggested METADATA file forwarded to the
>grassu-list by USACERL a month or so ago.  Attempting to adopt GRASS 
>standards, the metadata file is named the same as its data layer, and 
>the files are stored at $LOCATION in a directory named "metadata".

>"r.meta" only uses the raster portion of the metadata list, the imagery
>fields will be included in a script I am developing called "i.meta".

>These scripts will have to be redone once (if) the national metadata standards
>come on line, and for the metadata file to become an integrated part of GRASS,
>the code for "g.remove", "g.rename", and "g.copy" will have to be modified
>so that these functions include the metadata file. I currently don't know how 
>do this, but am looking into it.

For raster data, if you put the metadata under cell_misc/<map>/metadata
g.remove, g.rename, g.copy will automatically deal with this file as well.
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